Miki Langenbach (Currently Gold Coast, Australia. Originally from Freiburg, Germany):

Engineering wizard and materials master, Miki has spent countless hours perfecting the art of machining surfboards. With a background in sailboarding and decades of machine building experience, his current craft is what Surfing Magazine has called "The Holy Grail of Surfboard Machines."

Miki is constantly testing, optimizing, and sometimes just playing with new designs he cooks up in his active brain. Those who have worked with him are generally amazed at his constant flow of new ideas, even if some seem to come from left field. They also become accustomed to hear things like, "Come here and look at this!" when it's a new track system that is close to frictionless or a new board holding mechanism that leaves no distortion in the board once removed.

Due to his genius, hard work, and persistence, board riders can benefit from his contribution to the advancement of the field of surfboard design.