Set-up, Warranty and Servicing:

Although the  is arguably the most reliable shaping technology on the market, it is our aim to ensure that every customer enjoys a completely hassle-free experience from their new machine package. Poorly maintained or understood machines will damage our reputation, and as a company in the small surf industry, we are very keen to avoid this.

The APS3000 is uniquely low maintenance and hassle free. Our test machines have been operational for 8 years (and longer) and basically have not missed a beat. So far you find over 50 machines around the world.

  1. The APS3000 has been designed to be user friendly and easy to maintain.

  2. We support and establish internet diagnosis and conferencing for problems and troubleshooting free of charge for the first two years. You will never feel alone and you can easily show us what is happening.

           For convenience each machine will have access to the nearest spare part depot

  1. The controller hardware/software has inbuilt diagnostic for problem and troubleshooting, the individual parts for each axis are interchangeable which helps diagnostic and trouble shooting. The controllers are also fully supported by the controller company as well as by Allan Bradley.

  2. The controller can be "Flash upgraded"

  3. Most parts are available worldwide without any problems.

  4. The machine manufacturer will assist in solving technical problems

  5. Setup, squaring and calibrating procedures are part of the training. You will well understand how the APS3000 works and how to maintain her performance. The rest is simply a "plug and play" scenario requiring no engineering skills to become operational. Either do it yourself or grab your more skilled neighbor to help (you know, the one your wife keeps calling over to do those jobs you can't do), it's that simple!