Details on the  (Machine and Materials):

  • rock solid aluminum profile construction with open design for future developments
  • vibration proof design
  • dust proof design
  • industrial quality tracks and bearings, generously sized
  • superb blank positioning and support system, no distortion
  • 30 second blank setup, each blank is set up individually
  • radical fast adjustment to different blank sizes
  • fully trimmed nose and tail and outline
  • "Stanley knife" surface finish
  • ultra high efficient and stress free cutting
  • long life carbide cutter 
  • 4 surfboards per hour with standard finish1
  • top shelf controller unit with diagnostics and on screen display
  • clean blank change area, fast machine clean up
  • highly advanced surfboard design software Shape 3D
  • board positioning within blank on screen (minimal cutting depth in deck)
  • all cutting parameters within design program on screen including 3D view of cut board
  • can cut flat, V, convex, concave, winger, stinger and so on
  • flush and clean stringer
  • board finish over 95%
  • rail can be cut to 100% or rail can be cut from the deck to max degree, gives unrivaled results
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • safe to operate, cutter is out of reach
  • one operator can control 3 APS3000's simultaneously

1 Standard Finish - It takes some of the faster shapers 6 minutes to finish, check and put skeg marks on these surfboards. Time varies from shaper to shaper.

 Machine Controller Details

 The APS3000 is designed for extreme industrial use and to achieve this we use robust controller technology and strong motors. The units run well below their capacity. this guarantees many years of service free fun without fatigue. We have the controller built to our requirements, a very powerful unit that gives us very smooth motion and enormous speeds and ramp values (programmable). This controller runs under Windows but can also be controlled by a Mac using BootCamp.
On request we fit ethernet controller made by
  • Runs smoothly on any system that can comfortably run Windows XP 
  • Fast Block Processing 
  • fine adjustable acceleration
  • Continuous Motion Contouring.
  • full computer interface including toolpath and G-code
The unit works with input voltage 110 to 240 volt (single phase), we recommend a transformer for less than 220 volt.
The system is very easy to service and trouble shoot. All parts are easy to change and very affordable.
The product specification and pictures are subject to change without notice.