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APS3000 or Aku


 the  APS3000   can cut them all




The  will now ship with


                       CNC version

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Download your free version Shape3D LITE from:


Besides being the most advanced Surfboard Design Software around, Shape 3D can import files created with the free version of the APS3000 program as well as the designs created in SurfCad (DSD/Luciano). These files can be further edited in Shape 3D and machine code can be created.

Shape 3D is the most widely used surfboard design program in the world. It has countless functions and it has excellent 3D display as well as 3D manipulation. No other program can offer you that. But as said, if you prefer the free version of theAPS3000 program to design your boards or you are used to SurfCad or BoardCAD, just stick to that. Shape 3D will later use these files to create the toolpath for the machine. No need to change for the conservative, every reason to change for the rest of us.

Shape 3D has far superior machining options than any other Surfboard Design Software and creates a beautiful toolpath for the APS3000. Here some screenshots demonstrating the toolpath capabilities .


here are some screenshots: 

 Top Toopath Display
 Bottom Toolpath Display

 Finished Shape Solid View

  APS3000 file in Shape 3D in 3D



manipulate your shape in 3D

 Toolpath Window