Benefits to you

A spreadsheet that gives you the opportunity to assess exactly how much, per shape an APS3000 will cost, depending on how many surfboards you wish to produce.

 The Shaper evolves into the designer with precision that can not be matched with traditional ways. Develop, design and cut it on the APS3000, every board a proven performer. Improve based on proven designs, try, play end develop systematically. The quality of your shapes will quickly improve, you know the boards you sell work and you feel good about every improvement. Do it in house when you want, what you want. The APS3000 is affordable even for the small manufacturer. And no other machine matches its record for reliability. Do not worry about big repair and maintenance bills, there are none. The APS3000 is very simple and solid as a rock.

The APS3000 has been fundamentally designed as an individual shapers design and shaping tool for doing 10, 20, 50 or 100 boards a week to satisfy a companies production, all from one machine doing one board at a time.

However the APS3000 is quite capable of servicing your local shaping community with pre shapes if you require supplementary income. One machine has the capacity of 4 standard finished boards per hour and due to her rugged design she is well capable of running 24 hours a day, day in, day out. One operator can handle 3 machines simultaneously.