What's the cost?

The package including all the features detailed in the product section ex factory:

May 1, 2021

APS3000 Gen5 Heavy Duty:  sold out in the moment

12' AUD$ 43990.--  (excluding software)
add AUD$ 2.000.-- for every additional foot of board length.
so far, the longest machine build has been for 24' boards, 42"

Add AuD$ 3500.-- for Super Spindle

Add AuD$ 1000 for add on Trimmer

Add AuD$ 1000.-- for HD motor upgrade

The APS3000 Heavy Duty is engineered for max performance
and high output in every detail.
I recommend the HD motor upgrade for machines over 10'

APS3000 Dino-D, my new baby

8' Aud$ 62990.--  (excluding software)

inclusive Super Spindle, trimmer, HD motor upgrade  

Add Aud$ 2000.-- for every additional foot of board length.

Shape3D Software 1 year license AUD$ 1200.--
Shape3D Software lifetime license AUD$ 3.800.--

Machine price includes machine, disk cutter, controller,
integrated computer, trimmer, spare parts, tool set, oiler X,
oiler Y/Z, installation support via an internet link.

Vacuum pump is not included.

Available immediatelly:

sorry, no second-hand machines are available at the moment.

Please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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