most customers rest assured

 the first of the new ones



 new ways

 new team



 new colors

 new see through control



 professional touch

 new frame design



 simple and super solid

 she gets the OK in Tahiti



 well organized

cutting EPS Block Foam

solid 3D view of board after cutting

Shape 3D Toolpath for deck

3/8" clean stringer

feels like a nice rail even with only 5 cuts

50mm dia Y shaft assembly

130 degree railcut

side control

Machine room

Tool Path in Controller Software

Tool Path zoomed in at nose

Concave deck on a 6' fish


Finished Nose

Simple and solid Z unit


Clean lines

Lemon, Lime and Bitter

Bill in action

A little experiment with different materials

Balsa Wood, with grain or cross.

Blue XPS

A twin setup from behind

the only white one in the world (so far)

Machine Manfacture

Lemon and Lime

the latest controller, love it

Frame and Track

Miki messing around

twin setup 

Peruvian box improved version


Life Size Slices for template comparison

Stoked on the West Side




unloading the smart way



 simple and solid Y and Z unit

 why not cut balsa?



 Wayo checks curves in mirror

 up she goes to the second floor



 basic but solid transmission

 another pink lady



 blue is nice too

 ready for a good home




 she can do nearly anything



 the japanese box, a masterpiece

 the masterpiece close up



 a smile like this makes it all worth for me

 Balsa deck


 APS3000 Delivery List