buying, selling and installing the APS3000 is a very personal affair...


The President of France  (with broom), I think...

 chief engineer

 first peruvian box


 Felix makes friends on Maui

 and there are more...


 good helpers are the key

 good food on Maui


 good food in Peru

 a ritual dinner in San Francisco


 all looks positive

 another chief engineer


 big man, big gun

 my favorite place to stay


 sometimes I find surf history

 my toy shop


 Japanese connection

 men in action


 surfboard peruvian style

 someone has to do the hard stuff


 that's what its all about

 we go places together


 the APS3000 arrives in Peru

 visiting horrible places


 they seem to know

 the inventor of the stringline


 the Bird of Truth just never stops

 you are nothing without that mate


 yep. that's me



 happy faces in Victoria too

 I take this as a complement


 installing machines is fun

 is he Mr. Firewire?


 if he can do it...

 installations bring me to nice places


 nearly finished



 sometimes it rains

 it always ends with a dinner


 Gina and Felix enjoy SD Seaworld

 Toshi working hard


 artwork in the making

 Pacifica crew


 Susan and Mike

 David, one of my friends in Tahiti


 food is just unreal in Tahiti

 the future, the APS4000...


 Mark seems to like it too

 women are excellent operators


 Nachos in St Agnes

 Chops lends a helping hand


 he does not look unhappy, does he?



 Bill knows his stuff and can help you if

needed. he is trained in chaos recovery

 great picnic pommy style